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Driving with a 'Horn'

A certain senior Bhutanese government official, we were told, was on a state visit to a neighboring country. It was also his first visit to India. And back in those days traveling that far was really far from one’s home and our way of life. The official could only read Dzongkha and not English or Hindi. He could not read those fancy messages that big trucks carried on them as they were driving from the airport to the hotel. Unable to decode anything, the official asked his driver, “What is written on that?” pointing to a truck in front of them.  “It says phir milinge in Hindi and it means See you again ,” his driver explained. And then as they continued their journey they spotted another truck carrying, this time, an assortment of different alphabets.  “So what does that say?” the official asked, curious again.  “It says ‘Blow Horn’ in English,” the driver told him but had no time to explain what it meant. Once the meeting was over, the Prime Minister and his min