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Echoing the "Mountain Echoes"

Photo: Mountain Echoes   Mountain Echoes is over and I am already feeling nostalgic about it. But I am sure 2014 will bring in even more engaging and interactive Literary Festival. The organizers have nominated two Bhutanese writers - Ashi Kunzang Choden and Aum Pek Dorji - as the co-directors of the festival. And for the same reason I feel that the forthcoming edition of the festival would have a well-balanced representation from both the countries. Talking a little more about the festival – it is like living in the moment. My Uncle, who faithfully attended the festival, told me that this was shown by the nature of conversations - light and casual. And interestingly there are no written records of what have ensued from these discussions. There are no academic papers written or submitted and no records of the festival proceedings. People just appear on stage and talk. That’s unique and I find it quite comforting. After all who records what happens in our Tshechu grounds – ye

Our Youths need guidance

Young people are special: Our beloved King I am rather disturbed and can't make out anything out of this. And it only means that without the support of big people, small people like us will always be left behind. It is sad I know. It is a serious issue only when big people's relatives are involved and not so much when small people like us are involved. However, this may not have anything to do with one's background and I would be extremely happy if I am proved wrong.  Last week, my wife's Aunt dropped her only son at a certain college after he was selected for a certain program in that college. It was a big day in their life. Finally, someone in the family was going to graduate from a college in the country. And now a week later I was told that my wife's cousin's admission in that college was not accepted anymore. After a week? I don't understand this. Didn't the college authority do a background check earlier? I don't know if things can ge

The Verdict

Is there a need for evidence? the remains of the bite was visible 
 the culprit is hiding somewhere
 how long can he hide in there? Five faint kerosene lamps are lit now
 and the soot painted walls are whitened
 the search for bloody bedbugs starts
 how long can he hide in there? Come out you buggers, come out
 let me treat you another round, he swears
 a farmer woken from his mid-summer night’s dream
 nurses the bitten portion in his arm. Under wooden floors, where bamboo rug folds
 how long can he hide in there?
 how noxious buggy odour fills the room!
 the farmer’s disturbing sleep disturbed. Somewhere a baby is born
 an unidentified father is out on the run
 a genetic hunt is about to begin
 how long can the man hide in there? What prompted her verdict? How could the woman possibly fail to draw a boundary between a man and the man? How best to paint conscience of men? P.S: This is something I wrote years ago and still haunts me dear. 

Reprograming our Civic Sense

Photo by Penstar The other day I was out in the town with my dear friend - my three-year-old daughter. And when we were about to have our lunch I realized I needed some cash. So, that took me to the doorstep of an ATM. I was totally taken back. That was not what I expected to greet me. But it is a sad reality; this is when modern problems coupled with our traditional mindset - confront us dear.   Don't stare at the lady's bottom, but what is on the floor! Lol... Recently, all BOB ATMs started refusing to print receipts and I admired the idea behind this initiative. By discouraging the machines to print receipts unnecessarily we do a great service to our environment and a big favor to our municipal authorities. It is our common knowledge that as soon as a receipt is printed the customers throw them in the ATM rooms even if there are trash cans provided. And at some point ATM rooms have nearly become a garbage-house. This has a lot of things to do with the people -

"Thought Leaders"

Picture by PaSsu "You are thought leaders," he said. "Whatever you write, our youth will believe. For that reason, think and reflect and go slow."That was what the newly elected Prime Minister of Bhutan Lyonchen Tshering Tobgay had to say to us, a group of bloggers and artists in Thimphu.  And being a big blogger himself, PM asked us about our blogs - he had read most of them. It made us all proud bloggers! It is an inspiration and incentive of some sort to keep blogging!  And we will always cherish the memorable experience. It is always exciting to meet bloggers, but last night was by far the grandest. A group of bloggers in Thimphu wanted to meet PaSsu - Bhutan's top blogger based in Wangdue.  He surprised us all when he escorted PM to that small restaurant with no formalities. Personally, I really felt honored shaking hands with the PM and getting branded "thought leaders". Thank you PaSsu for the excellent evening! Last night I re